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"Despite its sociopolitical origins, Afrobeat has become an international musical language. Austin's Khali Haat thus becomes the latest proponent, boasting a sure hand of its distinctive arrangements and mastering that all-important groove. Led by guitarist Eric Bohlke, the band layers melodic pop atop requisite rhythms for a sound more Poi Dog Pondering than Vampire Weekend on its three singles." - Michael Toland, Austin Chronicle
"Khali Haat plays a form of Afropop funk, specializing in rhythmic, horn-driven jams on their self-titled debut released a couple weeks back. I won’t pretend to know a great deal on the roots of Khali Haat’s music, but I can speak to their infectious, constantly interesting sound. The band, comprised of seven musicians, is notably tight, able to pull off their hypnotic, circular sound with jazz intensity. Their compositions go from simple, repeated melodies to complex, multi-facet creations, deeply psychedelic or upbeat and danceable. They even have a few vocal moments, but it’s all about their improvised-sounding instrumental passages that command the band’s far-reaching sound. The record is adventurous, especially for pop-minded ears, but Khali Haat are quick to envelop on headphones and certainly on the live stage..." - operationeveryband.com

Khali Haat!

Reed Burnam - bass
Tom Kimzey - baritone sax
Matt Behn - tenor sax
Kris Tatsch - drums
Kevin Clark - aux percusion

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